I can see ABA certification  becoming very relevant with travel and work merging more in our industry due to the additional worldwide scope it has. Ben Moss, 30 years in the industry. http://www.thetreecareco.co.uk/

Ben Moss

Creative Director

I was really impressed with the training provided by ABA Northern Division, after over twenty years in the industry I’d never heard of the Danish Pie felling technique but am using it all the time now. Looking forward to doing the climbing courses in the new year and learning some SRT tricks 🙂 I would recommend ABA Northern Division to anyone. James Harrington.

Mr J Harrington

Manager At HCG Hospitals

As an ECC chainsaw operator David has proven to be safe & skilled in felling small trees competently on the estate.

Mr Simon Jones Ayton Castle, Eyemouth re his employee David

Creative Director