ICC 1: Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-Cutting Technique


Introductory level aimed at skills required to maintain & sharpen a chainsaw; undertake operational & safety checks; safely cross-cut timber and demonstrate an understanding of relevant underpinning knowledge of health, safety and good practice.

Please see the table below for course fees, which include assessment and certification:

CodeCourse TitleDurationCost
ECC1Chainsaw Maintenance & Cross-cutting Techniques2 days£265.00
ECC2Basic Tree Felling Techniques3 Days£395.00
ECC1&2 CombinedChainsaw Maintenance, Cross-cutting Techniques & Basic Tree Felling Techniques5 days£640.00
ECC3Advanced Tree Felling Techniques3 days£395.00
EC1Chipper Use & Maintenance2 Days£265.00

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